Covid-19 Response: SkyGuard® for Temporary Structures

AccuWeather Offers Coronavirus Test Centers and Hospitals Free Weather Forecasting and Warning Services to Protect Healthcare Workers

Triage tents and other temporary outdoor structures are being built to help battle Covid-19. These structures are extremely vulnerable to several types of severe weather. At AccuWeather, we want to ensure your staff and patient population are protected from weather impacts in order to keep a challenging situation from becoming even worse.

Simply complete the form and we'll provide our forecasting and site-specific services free of charge and obligation for three months.

We'll provide you with the most accurate and actionable severe weather alerts for your locations so that you can make decisions that enhance safety and reduce risk.

Thank you for all you’re doing to take care of our communities and combat this pandemic.

Our support will include:

  • Site-specific SkyGuard warnings with start and end times for specific weather risks so you can make the best decisions regarding evacuations and other actions that may be necessary to maintain health and safety
  • Alerts for lightning within 8 miles of your asset, with a goal of 20 minutes' advance notice
  • High Wind Warnings for wind gusts of 40 mph or greater
  • Flash Flood Warnings when excessive rainfall is occurring or had occurred
  • Tornado Warnings for tornadoes expected to move within 3 miles of your asset
  • Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Watches to alert you to an increased risk for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the coming hours
  • Complimentary mobile app use. Receive warnings and monitor live radar and many other helpful weather insights for situational awareness
  • AccuWeather High Impact Weather Briefing emails highlighting risks for impactful weather in the coming days

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SkyGuard Warnings

Site-specific alerts offer advance warning of severe and winter weather impacts. Warnings are front and center so you can quickly reference your asset in relation to the threat.

Warnings In Order Of Severity

Address the most threatening weather first with warnings listed in order of severity. We help ensure your response to threats pertinent to your staff and business is lightning-fast.

Push Notifications & Procedures

One-tap access to alert details, including the start and end time of each event + meteorologist comments, custom emergency procedures, warning expiration times and more.

Proximity Lightning Notifications

Exclusive to the app, proximity lightning notifications are customizable and based on your device’s current GPS location to aid in rapid decision-making. Choose your desired radius and frequency.

Customizable Map Layer View

Toggle the layers that matter to you at the flip of a switch. You can choose from layers including local radar, lightning, storm reports, public warnings, storm paths, wind and tropical/hurricane paths.

Enhanced Map Inspect Feature

A user-friendly display with animated, rapid-update radar allows you to deep dive into weather events. Assess potential impacts on the locations you care about, including lightning strike information.

Push Notifications

Each push notification gives you one-tap access to robust notification details, including essential meteorologist comments, company procedures, warning expiration times and more.

Procedures Integration

When a warning is delivered, it integrates your organization’s full standard emergency operating procedures and progress directly in the app to empower your team to act.

How SkyGuard Warnings Help

  • SkyGuard warnings are created by AccuWeather expert meteorologists, not repackaged government warnings created for public use
  • SkyGuard warnings provide up to twice as much advance notice compared to other sources and are pushed directly to your smart device
  • SkyGuard warnings greatly reduce false alarms, minimizing service interruptions and ultimately saving time and money
  • Alerts are pushed in a format that aligns directly with your organizational emergency management plan
  • Warnings are delivered via push notification from the AES mobile app, available on Android and iOS
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